Loan Periods & Fees


Material Types and their Loan Period

Books - 3 weeks
Audiobooks - 3 weeks
Music CDs - 3 weeks
Learning Games/Puzzles - 3 weeks
S.T.E.A.M. Kits - 3 weeks
Binge Bags - 1 weeks
DVDs - 1 week
Video Games - 1 week
Launchpad Tablets - 1 week
Hot Spots - 1 week(SPL cardholders only)
Magazines - 1 week
Interlibrary Loans - Varies

fines free

Sycamore Public Library has always been committed to providing equitable access to knowledge & resources for our community.

In line with this mission, we are thrilled to announce a significant change that will make our library even more inclusive & welcoming. We are going fine-free, effective immediately!

What Does Fine-Free Mean?
Going fine-free means that you will no longer be charged fines for overdue materials. This bold step aligns with our core belief that everyone should have equal access to our library's vast collection and services without the burden of financial penalties. By eliminating fines, we aim to remove barriers that may have prevented some community members from fully benefiting from the wealth of knowledge we offer.

We are excited about the positive impact this change will have and look forward to continuing to serve as a valuable resource for learning, growth, and connection. Come and rediscover the joy of reading at the Sycamore Public Library, where knowledge is free for all.  

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact our Circulation Department at 815-895-2500 ext. 407

What to Expect? 

  • No More Late Fees:
    You will no longer be charged for overdue items.
  • Automatic Renewals:
    We will automatically renew your materials one time, as long as another library patron does not reserve them. 

  • Clearer Return Policy:
    We still encourage timely returns so that others can enjoy the materials. You will receive reminders about due dates, and we kindly request that you return items when you've finished with them. 

  • Replacement Costs:
    While we are fine-free, patrons are still responsible for returning borrowed items. If an item is lost or damaged, you will be responsible for the replacement cost.