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What is a Seed Library?

The practice of saving seeds has been around for more than 12,000 years. Today, seed saving helps us to develop stronger seeds that are better adapted to our Midwestern climate. Since seed saving is part of our heritage and traditions, it is one way we can come together as a community.


  • Encouraging our community to garden.
  • Educating our community about growing, harvesting, and saving seeds.
  • Creating a community-sustained seed collection at our library.
  • Nurturing a culture of sharing and abundance

The Sycamore Public Library has partnered with the DeKalb County Community Gardeners to provide one of the first community Seed Saving Libraries in the state. In the first year alone over 100 packets of locally sourced heirloom seeds where checked-out to members of the community. These seeds are just the start. With your help this project can grow and become something amazing.