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Reading for Understanding

Libraries are committed to following the values of our profession as set forth by American Library Association (ALA). These values include equity, diversity and inclusion, social responsibility, and lifelong learning. The staff and Board of Trustees of Sycamore Public Library join with ALA and the Illinois Library Association in declaring that we stand against racism and systemic injustice in all forms. We believe every life is valuable and that all people should be treated with respect and dignity. We reject policies and practices that promote discrimation and work to provide a library collection that reflects a broad spectrum of the human experience. We strive to promote social justice within our community by providing a safe and welcoming environment for people to explore ideas that differ from their own and gain new knowledge and skills. We listen to understand and value the diverse perspectives our patrons offer.

For further learning on the topics of racism, oppression, and systemic injustice, please see below for curated lists of Sycamore Library resources

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