Policies, Procedures, & Forms

Annual ReportPDF
Board By-LawsPDF
Library Budget, FY 2017-2018PDF
Strategic PlanPDF
Circulation Policy PDF
Library Cards OptionsPDF
Computer and Internet Usage PolicyPDF
Electronic PaymentsPDF
Board and Director Responsibilites PDF
Adult Display Case ApplicationPDF
Financial PoliciesPDF
General PoliciesPDF
Gifts to the Library Policy PDF
Memorial Gifts & Donations FormPDF
Group Study RoomPDF
Collection Management Policy PDF
Collection Management Appendix APDF
Non-Resident Fee CardPDF
Patron Rights and ResponsibilitiesPDF
Poster Display PolicyPDF
Prohibited Gifts PolicyPDF
Unattended Children & Vulnerable Adults PolicyPDF
Freedom of Information Act 2017PDF
Prevailing Wage 2017PDF
DeKalb County Enterprise Zone Resolution PDF
2017 Financial AuditPDF
Sexual Harassment Resolution PDF