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COVID-19 Pandemic Project Archive

These are unprecedented times and future historians will want to know how our community spent their time. What was the experience of the local community during this global pandemic?

To document this moment, the Sycamore Library, DeKalb County History Center, and NIU invite you to share your story of living during the COVID-19 epidemic in Illinois. 

Share Your Story

We want to hear your story of the 2020 pandemic, in your own words. Whether you are in quarantine, sheltering at home, working in the medical field, homeschooling your kids, or adjusting your business model for uncertain times, your story is unique and valuable.

Share Your (Digital) Stuff

We also want to see what you are seeing, creating, and using during this unprecedented time in our history. Please share any of the following:

  • Writings
  • Photos
  • Drawings / artwork
  • Photographs of objects
  • Short Videos
  • Music

We’re looking for things that speak to your life and your community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Examples might include a letter written to a quarantined relative, a photo of yourself or your community, a sketch of a busy park or empty playground, a photo of a thermometer or test kit, a song you have written, etc.

We’re all in this together. Life has changed for everyone, and we’re all processing so many feelings. Your contribution will help people understand the wide range of emotions and experiences brought about by COVID-19.

Consider sharing your personal story in the form below.
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Document Your Story

These files will be preserved long-term so we need permission to use them.
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